Blog Protection

There are ways to protect yourself from copyright infringement, plagiarism, sploggers and blog scrapers. These are the easiest:

1. Leave a link in your post to your About Page, possibly in a photograph. If your post is scraped your photo will appear on the sploggers’ site with a link to your page. It won’t prevent your post from being stolen, but it will give you some control over their site. In WordPress you can add a link in your photo the same way you do with text.

2. Leave a watermark on your photos… they’re not hard to make, just go into any photo editor and paste some text or symbol on top of your photo and click Save As. The name and address of your blog, with the “circle-c” copyright symbol and the year are good. Make sure you save as a medium to high “dpi” to preserve the quality of your image. This is a Really Good Idea if you use a Photo Sharing site like Flickr or PhotoBucket… people steal your photos every day as well as your blog material.

3. At the beginning of each of your posts leave the following (this came from Simple Thoughts):

— Copyright © 2008 Your Blog Name Here. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact so we can take legal action immediately.

This Copyright statement will automatically appear on any splogger or blog scraper page which steals your content. Be aware if your RSS Feed is set to “Summary” people will only be able to read the Copyright notice, considering the alternative it isn’t such a big deal.

You can also use CopyScape and post a Creative Commons notice into your sidebar. You can find a copyright symbol at the bottom of this page.


However… all of these solutions are basically for your peace-of-mind… they’re not really going to scare off any sploggers because most of them can barely read. That’s why we’re here, we plan to harass them until they stop.


Steal This Symbol… this is the universal symbol for Copyright, copy and paste it and put it in your post or in your sidebar or on your photos. It’s natural size is 197px by 197px, but as long as you reduce it evenly it’ll look great at any size. The first version is a transparency, the second includes the white centre.



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