About Us

We’re a growing collection of bloggers tired of having our work stolen by people out to make a quick, dishonest buck.

If you blog then your work, your personal life, your content is being used by strangers to sell everything from pills to vacations to guns. Your most intimate thoughts are being sucked up without your permission, by people trying to make a quick unearned dollar. They’re called Blog Scrapers and Sploggers, and chances are you’ve received a Pingback from them. Chances are also good if you use Copyscape you’ve found the entire content of your posts stolen and reposted by these… people.

Even if you’ve never heard of the terms “splogger” or “blog scraper” or known they are out there, they have stolen your hard work and put it to their use.

Until now you’ve had no recourse except to leave unanswered pleas on their site, or maybe sending an email demanding they take your post down, asking them to please not use your hard work to make themselves richer. Until now you’ve been alone against an anonymous foe…

But now, with your help, we’re offering a solution. We can expose them in an open forum. We can publish their names and their email addresses, and as a group we can force them to take our words and photographs off their sites, or until they take their otherwise useless sites down.

This is how we can fight against Sploggers…

You send us the link of a splogger or scraper who has stolen your material…

We publish their public WhoIs information on this site…

We send them one email warning to cease and desist, and if they don’t…

The supporters of this blog, yourself included, will send them weekly mass emails until they comply. All of the addresses bloggers send us will be posted here to be copied and pasted into your “send” box. Think of it… the splogger who stole your essay or diary entry waking up every morning to find emails from 100 or 1000 pissed off bloggers in their inbox all demanding they stop stealing copyrighted material.

Emails would also be sent to their site host and to the people behind Google AdSense… keep in mind you can use Any Account, you Don’t have to use your primary email account.

With the name of the splogger or scraper published here, and your link increasing the Page Rank of this blog, people searching for them through Google will find out they are content thieves, sploggers and scrapers.

Once they have complied and removed your work their name would be removed from the anti-splog list.

As individuals we have very little effective recourse against these thieves, but together we can force them to stop and maybe force Google and other Ad Engines to stop supporting them.

All comments are moderated. If you’d like to Join us leave your name on our Join The Fight page.



3 responses to “About Us

  1. Here’s a link to one of my scraped poems:

    [www] famlove [dot] cn/?p=12335

    I asked the blogger to remove my poem, but it’s still up.

  2. i think if you do that the guy’s computer will go BOOM.

  3. Hello Maria, we’ve received complaints about that website before, as well as several others with the .cn domain. The .cn domain represents China and unfortunately that country rarely recognizes a copyright claim.

    The best recourse we can come up with at the moment for your situation is for you to start adding a copyright claim at the top of your postings.

    Without that claim it will be very hard for you to have your copyright recognized, even in countries where copyright law is respected.

    If you check our “Blog Protection” page you will find some examples of how to begin to protect your material. If you have any questions about the examples please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Something we have seen in the past is the text of a poem put into an image using PhotoShop, this way the text is guaranteed not to be picked up by a Splog, even if a link to your post is. As well the image could have a copyright symbol attached directly to it.

    Thanks for submitting your Splogger.

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